Asphalt Modifications

B2Last is an innovative, low viscosity liquid asphalt modification additive that improves adhesion performance of the asphalt mix. By crosslinking the components within the liquid asphalt, B2Last reduces stripping of the aggregates from the binder and leads to a more sustainable, flexible pavement.

B2Last bonds with the molecular structure of the liquid asphalt and does not separate from the binder, which improves flexibility in the liquid asphalt modification production process. Ideally designed for terminals and paving companies with liquid asphalt operations, B2Last easily adjusts to varying dosage needs and relevant DOT requirements.

Flexible pavements modified with B2Last support durability, economic and sustainability strategy and objectives. B2Last modification allows the use of a high proportion of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) and recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) in road construction, while retaining a smooth, workable laydown and compaction by paving crews.

B2Last offers an innovative, sustainable asphalt modification solution that will benefit any asphalt terminal or paving company with the need to modify liquid asphalt to improve binder performance.

Key Binder Modification Benefits

  • Increases Useful Temperature Interval (UTI)
  • Limited increase in binder viscosity after modification
  • Does not separate after modification
  • SBS compatibility and enhancement

Key Asphalt Mix and Paving Benefits

  • Superior aggregate and binder adhesion
  • Improves cracking resistance
  • Reduces roller passes for typical paving compaction standards
  • No modifier build-up on truck beds or hand tools

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Contact BASF's asphalt modification team to learn more

Contact BASF's asphalt modification team to learn more

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