Who We Are

Supplying the liquid asphalt industry the innovative new asphalt modifier, B2Last ® and the technical expertise that fuels innovation and growth for users and producers of modified asphalt products.

The basic liquid asphalt modification chemicals business unit of BASF provides manufacturers of modified liquid asphalt and modified asphalt mixes with raw materials, innovations, and technical expertise to help our customers advance their technologies in a diverse set of performance graded liquid asphalts.

With facilities in Geismar, LA and Wyandotte, MI, we are introducing B2Last, a liquid asphalt modifier and accompanying technical support to major users of liquid asphalt modifiers through our North American distribution network.

Our customers use B2Last to increase useful temperature interval (UTI), decrease cracking and improve compaction of modified asphalt binders and mixes.

Commitment to Customers

Continuously investing in our plants, supply chain, and technical expertise to better meet the needs of the asphalt industry and support the safe handling of liquid asphalt modification chemistries.

With our long-lasting involvement and commitment to the asphalt modification industry , BASF knows the requirements of customers inside out. Our goals are simple: delivering the products that you need when you need them; finding the answers to your challenges; and ensuring the competitiveness of our offering. To do so, we have built the best team of experts, backed by BASF resources around the globe, and made it available at your doorstep to help you make the most of isocyanate-based asphalt modification chemistry. We are also launching new products, investing in digital technologies, modernizing our supply chain, and expanding our plants. All with one goal in mind: being the supplier of choice for our customers.


Improving performance and productivity. Opening new opportunities for liquid asphalt modification.

At BASF, we understand that innovation has always been a critical element for the growth and success of our customers. Today, our commitment to innovation is stronger than ever. Whether developing new products or inventing new processes, our technical team continues to explore the limits chemistries in our portfolio. Delivering those innovations with a robust level of technical support ensures fast and reliable implementation.


Meeting customers’ expectations with cutting-edge technology and manufacturing expertise.

At BASF, we understand that it is essential for our customers to use ingredients in their formulations that meet their specific requirements every time. We strive to manufacture our liquid asphalt modifiers to consistent standards, whatever the application. By leveraging our state-of-the-art technologies, in-depth expertise, and investments in process engineering, our highly skilled staff ensures that quality, together with safety, is core to our operations.

Health and Safety

Relentless commitment to the safe handling of polyurethane chemicals.

At BASF, we commit significant resources and staff to promote the responsible use of our products along the entire value chain. We aim to ensure that each person transporting, storing or processing our isocyanates and polyols is fully aware of the risks and is properly trained for safe handling of these chemicals. Our health and safety activities begin in our laboratories and factories. Our commitment does not stop there. We offer training courses to familiarize customers and distributors with recommended procedures, both for normal operations and emergencies. We also provide personalized assistance to help with the introduction of new products, conversions to polyurethane technologies, or with other specific situations. Through our involvement in several asphalt industry associations, we are pooling our expertise on safe handling with other stakeholders, further enhancing the core knowledge and processes related to health and safety matters for the entire asphalt modification industry.

Global Presence

Global presence with local expertise - We know what it means.

With BASF, you benefit from a partner with an established presence in all regions, operating world-class plants at our sites in North America, Europe, and Asia. For our customers, this means access to a global pool of technical experts and to the latest global innovations in asphalt modification chemicals. Since we know that a worldwide network means little without local support, our sales, customer care, and technical teams are available right here in North America to discuss your needs and provide solutions to help your business succeed.